The (injured) cook and her (disproportionate) kitchen

April 21, 2010 § 5 Comments

This week I am learning to live life from a different angle.  My sad, damaged plantar fascias are having trouble healing,  so I have been told by the doctor to help the process by using them as minimally as possible.

This means I now must try to live my life from the seated position.  Working as a secretary makes the workday fairly stationary – I am taking advantage of the term “desk job.”  Sleeping happens to also be a predominately sedentary activity, save those prone to sleep-walking, which, fortunately I am not. Unfortunately, the third thing I give my life to (aside from working and sleeping), does not easily oblige itself to restful positions  — meal preparation.

In the kitchen countertops are built for someone to use while standing, making  them about 1.5 feet too high.  This means that as I try to do the dirty dishes from a seated position, I am knocking other items  into the sink (so far, nothing has been broken).  When I try to cut baked chicken off the bone my arms become achy and my progress is slow.  Maybe I could kneel, but there is only so much pressure that knee joints will take before they too join the force of dysfunctional body parts.

So I sit in my chair in the kitchen and manuever my body every which way to reach what I need.  At least in a small kitchen I can reach the stove, 90% of our cabinets, our fridge and our sink without moving the lower half of my body, or the chair.

Nonetheless (despite the mostly easy-reaches of our little kitchen), I can no longer cook alone.  I cannot reach the spices, I cannot move quickly, I cannot run and leap to hit the smoke alarm when the eggs start burning.  It is now a team effort — Alex is learning to cook.  While he struggles to get over his fear of raw meat, I am doing my part by taking over dish-duty, a task I can attend to comfortably (no matter how many innocent bystanders I knock into the sink).


§ 5 Responses to The (injured) cook and her (disproportionate) kitchen

  • Anna B says:

    Poor Jane’s feet! You might try snagging a bar stool type seat from Target or someplace for some added height and comfort. We have a collapsible one that Josh uses sometimes while he does the dishes. Also, I used to have a fear of raw meat too, so bravo to Alex for facing his fear.

    Also also, I verbally say “Hooray!” every time I see a new post from you in my google reader account. Just thought you should know. :o) Cheering for you both.

  • Rondi Lauterbach says:

    Your verve gives me courage to tackle tasks that might otherwise daunt me. We continue to pray for your full healing and return to the life of the standing…and walking…and running…and dancing. God is faithful and he sees you. Your grandmother is praying for you like crazy.

  • Morielle says:

    you should get a stool. a stool with wheels. but that is cute and nice that Alex is helping you too 🙂

  • Madelyn says:

    Have you ever watched “The Little Couple” or “Little People, Big World” . . . that’s what this post makes me think about. How did you injure yourself? Running?

  • lifeasjane says:

    Thank you all for your suggestions and encouragement. Alex is proving to be a fine cook, and wowed me with his first recipe of Corn Chowder with Sweet Potatoes and Ham. Maybe I was the one who found a recipe, but still, this boy has the patience and ability to read that could turn him in to the next Iron Chef.

    Madelyn – I did injure myself running and dancing, about 2 years ago. It has become a chronic inflammatory problem…sad.

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