Ten things I learned from my friends

April 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

Image Credit: http://www.countryliving.com/cooking/entertaining/summer-party-ideas-0609

1.  The friends who suffer through massive amounts of studying, reading and writing together, stay together.

2.  Tea is the most soothing late night studying accompaniment.

3.  Follow the trends when everyone else is excited about them too.  Otherwise you will be alone in your excitement.

*This is especially true when it comes to television series.

4.  When you are with a friend and bored by your usual activities, it is perfectly acceptable to dress up as pregnant women and go to Starbucks.  It is also perfectly acceptable to run to your car in embarrassment after having happened into the Senior boy you fancied. (He would not have been fooled by the pillow stuffed under my dress. However, since he didn’t know my name, I doubt he recognized me.  Still, what are the chances?)

5.  Decorate your locker.  Decorate your dorm room.  Decorate your desk at work.

6.  Laugh, and do not stop laughing, at the boys who stalk you on facebook.  Cry when the boys you like don’t like you back.  Be sad when the boy you love is living 4,000+ miles and an ocean apart from you.  Also, eat cookies.  They are perfect to console (If you really need a sugar kick, dip Girl Scout cookies in sprinkle chip frosting.  This may be slightly disgusting, but it is also kind of delicious. Or was).

7.  How to listen.

8.  How to cheer each other on.

9.  How to make Peanut Butter popcorn (This one deserves to be separated from the list below.  Trust me).

10.  How to sew, knit, quilt, play Nintendo, take pictures, do the Lindy hop, enjoy poetry, make Sun tea, wear dresses, paint my nails,  jump rope, drink diet coke, stay up later than I should (on rare occasions), talk on the phone (a skill I’ve lost since Junior High), conquer 6 mile runs with big hills in hot hot weather, chew excessive amounts of gum, and laugh at life.


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