ringing in the new year

January 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

New Year’s Eve I sat on the couch and watched Clueless with Alex and my dear friend, Amy Orr. I was sick. with the flu.


Come midnight, I was lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling. Still, I was wearing a sparkly tanktop with my sweatpants, sweater and scarf — I needed to maintain some appearance that this was an evening to party.

For some reason, my resolutions this year all have to do with heart health. Someone, please interpret that for me. They are, as follows:

-eat dark chocolate every day

-drink more red wine

-watch (or at least be aware of) my intake of saturated fats

It’s kind of like how last year, I decided I needed to start wearing sunscreen more often. All throughout junior high and high school, I thought being tan was “cool,” so sunscreen was the thing holding me back from coolness, like when a sixteen year old first gets his license but has to drive his mom’s white minivan to school and social events.

I’ve had the (strange? late?) realization that my skin belongs to me, and so I should take care of it. This does mean applying sunscreen, and wearing a hat occasionally. This doesn’t mean leaving the sunscreen off in hopes of a bronzed tone that I really can’t achieve. My heart and its health are mine to care for, in so far as I can.

Yea, but who am I kidding? Who wouldn’t want to take care of their heart, if it means eating an ounce of dark chocolate daily and savoring a glass of red wine?



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