Oh November

November 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

image credit: http://www.gedankenbilder.pictokon.net/naturbilder-1/natur0003.html

Something about this month is beautiful.  I could say that about every month — being out of school, each month is no longer peppered and pressured with deadlines, and I am learning a new character of the calendar.

November is an orange and blue-gray month.  Daylight savings brings brighter mornings and earlier evenings.  The first hours of the day verge on being cold; the afternoon sun is still warm.  Sunny southern California (hopefully) kisses summer goodbye.

November is a month for anticipating.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, time with family, the end of the calendar year.  These things come in quick succession, and once they begin sometimes reflection and preparation is no longer possible.  The first few weeks of November are maybe the last “normal” weeks of the year.

Tonight Alex and I went out for a pizza.  We walked from our apartment, in the cold air. Now we are back, I am wearing a wool sweater, and we are each enjoying a glass of Chianti.

Oh, November.  You and your occasionally sullen skies can visit anytime.


§ 2 Responses to Oh November

  • Ga says:

    What a beautiful word picture and other picture of November!!!! My thoughts about November (here in Memphis)are also ones of praise and gratitude…We broke all heat records this summer and now…the trees are brilliant. So much so that I catch my breath as the sun moves from ginko yellow to dark brown oak to screaming red Japanese maple and to the crepe myrtles and the dogwoods that say “look at me now.” Love, Ga

  • Rondi says:

    Nice. Both the words and the photo. Very nice.

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