Chester, the Cockroach: the extermination

September 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

About a week ago, Alex and I came home from visiting his parents up in Fresno. As we approached our doorstep, we noticed several cockroaches lying about. It was still light outside. These were dead cockroaches.

There really isn’t much to say when you’ve named a cockroach and given him a personality and then discover that he is dead. Not just dead, murdered. Exterminated. I thought I might be a little sad. I’m not.

I do continue to look forward to the day when Alex and I can have a real pet – a dog. Here’s what needs to happen before we can get one:

1. We need to move to a residence that allows for dogs. This might mean we need to move to Canada, since Ontario has had a law since 1990 that bans apartment owners from discriminating against animals in lease-terms, and other provinces are now fighting for “Fluffy’s Law” too.

2. We need to set up our 401ks. I am not going to invest in a dog who has CONSTANT NEEDS and will drain my bank account for many years — not until I have financial stability and security, man. No, but really, dogs cost money.

3. We need to decide on a breed. (Current leanings are towards larger dogs, like retrievers and labs, although I still have a soft spot in my heart for Beagles ever since my childhood dog (Frisky, the Beagle) passed away on December 18th, 1998. Frisky was the typical beagle who liked to bay and chase rabbits, although when he finally caught them, he would just lick them. The rabbit would be trembling, shaking, and there would be Frisky, happily panting and licking the poor thing. Also, Frisky liked to cross the street to the junior high and steal food from the students. Once he ate a piece of cake off a teacher’s desk. Another day, he came trotting (trotting? do dogs trot?) up our driveway with a package of hotdog buns in his mouth. Frisky was twice the recommended weight for beagles his height).

4. We need to decide on a name. I guess this could wait until we actually have the dog. But I am one of those types who likes to have a list of 10 possible names a year before I am ready to purchase said animal. So, yes, we at least need a smidgen of inspiration before we are ready to take the dive. Or maybe I will just work on becoming more free-spirited.

So while Alex and I continue to wait for the lodging, funding and unity of decision necessary to buy a dog, why don’t YOU tell me about some of the animals you have, used to have, or would like to have someday? (This is my attempt to begin brainstorming names. Participation is appreciated).


§ One Response to Chester, the Cockroach: the extermination

  • Rondi says:

    You remember the date of Frisky’s demise? I just remembered that it was near Christmas, 1998. Sorry for the childhood trauma. Zaveevka, or Zavi for short is a fine example of a Russian name that I could find for you in the English Russian dictionary. Just let me know when you want me to start looking. ~Mom

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