Chester, the Cockroach: A family reunion

August 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Chester, our beloved Cockroach, has in the last seven days…. multiplied. And not just by two.

One evening last week, Alex and I were leaving for our midnight walk when we noticed more than one dark shape below our doorstep. There were three. Chester had, apparently, invited his two brothers over for a little family get together.

We turned the outside light on.

And all their children. I kid you not; there were too many baby cockroaches to count.

Evidently, Alex had noticed this surplus of cockroaches the night before, but had neglected to tell me. I think he was trying to protect my ability to sleep at night. At night — when all the cockroaches come out to chill in front of our apartment.

We talked to our landlord about it, and apparently this is a seasonal thing. The cockroaches never come inside (they would have a flight of stairs to make it up anyways), and he would spray for them soon.

All I know is tonight when we returned from our walk (which was a different walk then we had left for the week before), one of Chester’s brothers tried to chase me through the grass. I screamed like a maniac, jumped up the stairs, open the door, slammed it and left Alex outside to fight them off for me.

Not really. But I did scream and jump, just as I had earlier in the night when I saw a cricket. My poor husband.

Chester, I understand your desire to host your family party on our doorstop. You are, after all, a butler, and hosting must be one of your primary joys in life. But your brothers are a little wild, and the kids are over-running the place. The fun needs to stop. Now.


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  • Madelyn says:

    That sucks. I had a slight cockroach problem at my first apartment in San Diego. The problem with spraying for them is that they just migrate to your neighbors, then they spray again, and migrate back. It’s a vicious cycle, at least they’re just outside.

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