Chester, the Cockroach: A family reunion

August 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Chester, our beloved Cockroach, has in the last seven days…. multiplied. And not just by two.

One evening last week, Alex and I were leaving for our midnight walk when we noticed more than one dark shape below our doorstep. There were three. Chester had, apparently, invited his two brothers over for a little family get together.

We turned the outside light on.

And all their children. I kid you not; there were too many baby cockroaches to count.

Evidently, Alex had noticed this surplus of cockroaches the night before, but had neglected to tell me. I think he was trying to protect my ability to sleep at night. At night — when all the cockroaches come out to chill in front of our apartment.

We talked to our landlord about it, and apparently this is a seasonal thing. The cockroaches never come inside (they would have a flight of stairs to make it up anyways), and he would spray for them soon.

All I know is tonight when we returned from our walk (which was a different walk then we had left for the week before), one of Chester’s brothers tried to chase me through the grass. I screamed like a maniac, jumped up the stairs, open the door, slammed it and left Alex outside to fight them off for me.

Not really. But I did scream and jump, just as I had earlier in the night when I saw a cricket. My poor husband.

Chester, I understand your desire to host your family party on our doorstop. You are, after all, a butler, and hosting must be one of your primary joys in life. But your brothers are a little wild, and the kids are over-running the place. The fun needs to stop. Now.


Chester, the cockroach

August 11, 2010 § 3 Comments

Alex and I have a cockroach. The word alone grosses me out. The bug itself makes me want to scream and jump onto a chair, or a counter, or whatever elevated surface is nearest.

In our last apartment we had one itty bitty cockroach so we set up multiple traps, consisting of coffee grounds placed inside glass jars, with the lid resting partially against a wall and partially on the rim of the jar. We caught nothing, nor did we have any “run-ins” with other resident roaches. I did, however, have a dream that a cockroach the size of a ferret was in our kitchen cupboard, banging (loudly) around the pots and pans.

I’m sorry.

The good thing about our current cockroach is that he lives outside, about 4 feet away from our door. Every once in a while when Alex and I come home at night we see a dark shadow on the ground and then we’ll turn on the outside light and he’ll scamper back to his safe (dark) hiding place under the house. The funny thing about this is that consistently seeing the cockroach sitting quietly outside our doorstop made us feel a strong enough attachment to…well, name him. We call him Chester.

I’m sorry.

Also, Chester sounds like a name a butler would have, and as cockroaches shiny wing-like things slightly resemble a butler’s coat, we feel that Chester (our cockroach) is sort of a butler. (This inspiration may have come from our recent discovery of P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster series. We just finished watching the A&E version of the first season and enjoyed it very much).

So, there you have it. Consider yourself introduced. If I can bear to write any more of these repulsive creatures, I may have other stories to tell. All I know is, if Chester ever comes inside, his days of buttling will be over.

What I’m reading now – better sooner than later.

August 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

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I know it has not been long since my last reading post, but I thought I’d throw a couple of updates out there for good measure. Besides, the original intention had been to log one of these posts at the beginning of each month, and although I have failed up to this point, my blogging conscience still tells me it is good to keep the random goals you set for yourself.

I haven’t made tons of progress since my latest update, so I won’t bother with a lengthy list of books. Just assume that all not mentioned remain in their same read or abandoned state.

I finished “House of the Lotus” by Madeleine L’engle which is the second in the “Arm of the Starfish” series. As I said before – good, fairly light fiction. I found the first in the series to be more adventurous, while the second developed and explored one particular character, Polly O’Keefe. I sort of kept waiting for the second to pick up the pace and imitate the first, but it maintained its analytical tone and pace.

I also started and finished a Dorothy Sayers’ mystery I received from my mom for my birthday – “The Nine Tailors.” A 300 page novel set in England and centered around small towns and cathedral bell towers – theft, murder, and inclement weather? COUNT ME IN. I have now borrowed the BBC version of this from friends (and must say the main character, Lord Peter Whimsey, is disappointingly cast – at least his appearance is the opposite of what I had pictured).  If you have not read any of Sayers’ Lord Peter Whimsey series, I highly recommend them. “Gaudy Night” is another novel-length mystery, which, being set in Oxford, is a particular joy for anyone who has spent any time there. She also did a number of shorter stories, the anthologies of which can be found by searching “Lord Peter Whimsey” or “Dorothy Sayers” in your local library catalog.

I am now starting into “The Complete Sherlock Holmes” – a large leather bound book which will be due back to the library long before I have had time to finish it, especially since I also checked out Agatha Christie’s “Miss Marple” series and will be juggling them in my post-work reading hours. What a life I lead.

Until next time…

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