Just so you know…

May 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

…Alex and I are moving. We are moving 15 miles across town to a cozy community called Fullerton, and so all my extra thought time and creativity has been spent trying to figure out how to make this happen with two bummed feet, full-time work and the desire to do it on a small budget.  We have been lugging as many boxes we can fit in as many trips as it will take in our two-door car, and have been grateful to receive help from our friends in wrapping china and kitchen things.  We have purchased a few items and placed some furniture for sale on Craig’s List. Currently the living room floor is comprised of boxes, boxes, boxes.

And so this is the reason for the lack of posting.

In the meantime, however,  I have been dreaming a little bit about summer and hope to have the spare time that will allow me to —

-read books

-make food and take pictures of it in our new place, which has better light (Once the camera gets fixed).

-lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling. or out a window. or at the wall. I’m not too particular.

-drink lots of coffee, made via our french press since our coffee maker is too big to fit in the kitchen. (Yes, this can be a reality).

-spend time with friends. Preferably at the beach, coffee shops, and eating frozen yogurt.

This is all. Doesn’t it sound delightful?


§ 2 Responses to Just so you know…

  • Morielle says:

    Is the community itself called Fullerton or are you just moving to Fullerton? And why are you moving? Just curious. (I guess I can ask you in person soon enough though 😛 )

  • Rondi Lauterbach says:

    Moving gives an excellent excuse for not posting, as does having a baby. Glad you are only moving…can’t wait to see your new place. love, momsi

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