Pink Lady

February 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

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I recently discovered in conversation with a co-worker a common choosiness in types of apples we are willing to eat.  Apples cannot be so tart they demand I drink a glass of water to balance the acidic taste in my mouth.  And apples that are at all soft make me want to gag. Generally, I used to base my apple preferences on color – I know that the green granny smith is really tart. I know that the red delicious apples often are underfirm and disappoint the eater’s desire for that first crisp bite.  So, for a time, I thought the perfect balance of sweetness and crispness lay in the apples of the…tye-dyed variety.

I was wrong. This fall I tried buying various kinds of tye-dyed apples. I discovered that Braeburn apples are mushy. Fuji, Gala, McIntosh….all failed. My theory was ruined. Lesson: Do not base all decisions off of color.

Anyways, after this long search, I did eventually find the perfect apple (for me).  And, it did fit into my color expectations.  It’s the Pink Lady. And it is delicious. Though my regular grocery store does not sell them, Trader Joes offered generously sized ones for fifty cents a piece.

(Note: I have learned again the wisdom of specificity when performing a google search.  “Pink Lady Apple” led to much more cooperative results than simply “Pink Lady”. Try for yourselves.)


Pink Ladies are now out of season. And now, even when I travel to more than one grocery store in pursuit of the perfect apple, I come up with a small, softer than usual Pink Lady. This is sad.

Also, tonight I spent two hours ironing, making lunches and preparing tomorrow night’s dinner. This is a little bit sad.

Also, the musical artist who used to help me get through my essays and studying is now helping me get through my ironing. I think this is more happy.


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