New style

February 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

To all my faithful readers (Mom, this means you!):

I have changed the layout of my blog (with my hubby’s help).  This new layout is supposed to be more image focused in that it displays one large image at the top of all posts with images, and then color coordinates the page to complement the photo. [You have to click the forward arrow several times until you reach a post with picture]. Pretty nifty in my opinion, especially because I love creative color combinations.

One disadvantage is that it will only display one photo per post. Perhaps this is the healthy dose of minimalism that our visual sensors (eyeballs) need every once in a while. If I keep this layout, I will go back and edit my posts so that they only feature one image, and so may have to create several more posts to allow for those additional images.

So….what do you think?


§ 3 Responses to New style

  • Rondi Lauterbach says:

    I don’t understand. I had to go back three posts to find one picture. I am a child of the video age and need more visual stimulation to keep my interest up. On the other hand, I like the text layout and have subscribed so I won’t miss any posts. I also like the fact that Alex is helping you on your creative way. True valentine teamwork. =) mom

  • Morielle says:

    at first, I thought you had gotten an entirely new blog and there was only one post on it (about the pink lady…apple 😉 ) which made me sad. but then, I discovered the arrows! now, I am enjoying your new blog layout very much.

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