Cooking Cookies

October 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

I have discovered at least one thing I really like about working a 7:30-4:30 job.  If I have a spontaneous urge to bake at night, I

1. Have the money to buy the ingredients

2. Likely already have them stocked, since I have my own kitchen

and 3. Have nothing stopping me (like reading Ecclesiology books, studying Greek, writing essays on Modernism, or wedding planning, all of which kept me very busy the last couple of falls).

So, one night I decided to bake these:


With the help of my kitchen aid mixer, oven mitts,

new baking sheets,

and a chair —

I made these! They were delicious. Perfect with a glass of milk and your favorite knit *rabbit pillow.

*limited availability at Savers.


A Chicago Wedding

October 21, 2009 § 1 Comment

A couple of weeks ago, Alex and I flew out to Chicago for my brother’s wedding.  It was a happy time for sure, as I got to witness my brother and his sweet new wife say their vows and celebrate – yet this trip also had its moments of “excitement”.
the family

the family

Besides the many adventures involved in navigating the city and wedding activities, I had decided to help my brother and his wife by baking their wedding cakes! Since this was a first time deal for me, and across the country, and per the bride’s wishes, I decided to keep it simple — three smaller cakes, no tiers, and 6 dozen cupcakes which local friends will bake and I will only frost.


the kitchen

the frosting
the frosting

My family stayed in a condo, and the kitchen was actually quite nice. Once I arrived I quickly set to work to make:

the cakes

the cakes (or some of them)

-two double-layered mocha spice cakes

-one quadruple layered pistachio-hazelnut cake

-3 giant vats of frosting: chocolate ganache, buttercream, and pistachio buttercream.

There was also a third kind of cake present in the cupcakes – an Applesauce cake. (Pretty much all the recipes are Martha Stewart)

Anyways, apart from a few nervous moments (1. the GIANT tub of chocolate ganache, when needed for spreading, was rather…frozen…I think it took about 2 hours of constant stirring in a dangerously constructed double-boiler (thanks Mom and Rachel), at which point it was just melty….great, 2. Shakily trying to frost all 72 cupcakes while waiting til 5 p.m. for lunch because the loyal boys run to the local hot dog joint was upset by a flat tire, a blown tire, an hour long line, and a late-spotted sign that read “cash only”, and 3. Transporting all 72 cupcakes and cakes across city streets in the rain as we rushed to rehearsal dinner, ), all went well, and the cakes seemed to turn out:

See —



the lovely bride and groom

the lovely bride and groom

— and now, it is my turn to eat cake. Alex and I are in the process of eating the top tier of our wedding cake (come on, who can wait a year?)

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