August 23, 2009 § 4 Comments

Dear friends & family,

Welcome to my new blog. The title really says it all –  I hope to journal my way through this first year out of college, newly married and working full time, to show the ways that life is anything but plain. I want to post pictures of my attempts at baking, cooking, decorating, making crafts, exploring Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs, spending time with friends, and perhaps occasionally having a go at poetry or other types of writing. This project is not just a way to entertain myself or make the days seem fun, but actually is supported by the happy, hearty belief that our good God created the world, and that He created all things good.

We delight in God’s creation both by loving that which he created and by using the creative capacities he has given us  — there is a need to know and love the materials before we can use them to make something new. This process – our worship and imitation of God’s creating and creation – is one that I find particularly beautiful and meaningful. To either explore the goodness of those things given to us, or to invest in the process of making something that is good, are acts worthy of my time and energy.

So there you are. I do hope you enjoy.


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